(Updated 3 August 2023)

The Coronavirus eviction ban has ended. Where does that leave you?

Eviction notice

The coronavirus eviction ban that first came into force last year during the height of the pandemic, to prevent landlords from evicting their tenants came to an end on the 1st of June. It was put in place to help tenants suffering a reduction, or complete loss of income who may fall into arrears with their rent from being made homeless.

It’s been predicted that around 1 million households will be affected by the ban being lifted. So, what should you do?

Speaking to your landlord and communicating your situation is key. If you’ve not been doing this throughout the pandemic, now is the time to let your landlord know your situation and try to come to an arrangement.

Councils and housing associations are generally able to offer support if you’re struggling and your private landlord may be able to help too.

If your landlord is unable to offer any support and serves an eviction notice you should get urgent advice from Shelter or Citizens Advice.

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