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No Obligation Debt Advice

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When you’re struggling financially it can be difficult to know where to turn, and debt advice companies can sometimes feel like they’re pushing you into a debt solution. Our debt advice is confidential and no obligation. But what exactly do we mean by no obligation debt advice?

No obligation debt advice

Our online debt advice tool asks you a series of questions about your income, outgoings, and overall financial situation. Once you have completed the tool, you are presented with the best possible debt solution for you. However, you are in no way obligated to sign up to this solution. Of course, if you do want to apply for a debt solution you can do instantly online or via a call with one of our debt advisors.

If I contact your advisors for more help on a debt solution, am I obliged to sign up?

Whether you use our live chat, call or email to contact our debt advisors, you are in no way obliged to sign up for a debt solution. Instead, we can talk you through your recommended debt solution, explain what it means and answer any questions you may have; all with no obligation to apply.

Is my debt advice confidential?

Yes. The details you give us and the advice you receive is totally confidential. We take your email address and name so we can send you the details of your debt advice and so that a debt advisor can contact you if needed.

Am I obliged to tell me partner about my debt advice?

If you are just looking for debt advice, then there is no legal requirement to tell your partner. Likewise, if you are entering a debt management plan you are not obliged to tell your partner. However, if your debt solution contains any joint debts or assets then you will have to inform them.

While you are not obligated to tell your partner about your debt advice, we would recommend it. As the age old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved and discussing your debts with someone close to you, while daunting, can really help ease the load.

Our debt advice is accessible online, fully confidential and is 100% no obligation. To get started today, use our free online debt advice tool.

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