(Updated 31 July 2023)

Help With Rising Petrol Prices

Petrol prices on the rise - person filling up a silver car at the petrol pump

The rising costs of fuel have been a problem for many for several years – but more recently fuel prices have rose to unprecedented levels. And with similarly steep electricity price hikes, going ‘non petrol’ isn’t likely to be a feasible option for those feeling the pinch. But even if you can’t affect energy market prices, there are some simple tips that anyone can apply to try and spend less at the pump.

Fill up when you go shopping

Did you know that supermarket petrol prices are usually cheaper than standalone filling station forecourts?

This is because competition between chains keeps prices more reasonable than locations that have less challengers.

Lack of alternative options always pushes up prices, so service stations or out-of-the-way garages will usually charge more than supermarkets.

Drive smarter

Fuel efficiency simply means using less petrol, as consumption is directly related to how hard your engine has to work.

Accelerating evenly and sensibly away from a junction or after a green traffic light means you’ll burn through fuel at a lower rate than if you ‘floor it’.

Approaches are the same when braking too – hitting your brakes hard will also waste fuel needlessly so make sure you brake early and steadily when you can.

Lose the weight

Extra weight will make your engine work harder to get up to speed (and make your wallet lighter).

Emptying your boot and back seats of any needless items that you’re driving round can help you cut down on fuel. Therefore, travel light for everyday driving – if you can leave it at home or work, then make sure you do.

And with the weather (hopefully) warming up, don’t be tempted to drive with windows open at higher speed – it’ll cause drag and use significantly more petrol.

Need more money saving tips?

During some of the sharpest cost of living rises in recent years, petrol is just one of the everyday essentials becoming more of a concern.

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