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The Council Tax Rebate: All You Need To Know

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Recently announced by the government in a bid to help households with the rising cost of living, the council tax rebate is now starting to hit people’s bank accounts. Here’s all you need to know about the council tax rebate including if you’re eligible, how to claim it and what to do if you aren’t eligible but still need financial support.

Am I eligible for the council tax rebate?

Anyone in council tax bracket A-D as of the 1st of April 2022 is eligible for the rebate. These households will be eligible to receive a £150 rebate on their council tax. This even applies if your council tax bill is less than £150.

You can check your council tax band on the government website using your address and postcode.

How do I apply for the council tax rebate?

Strictly speaking you do not have to apply for your council tax rebate, it should be processed automatically by your local council providing you are eligible.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit, your local council will pay your rebate directly into your bank account. Rebates are starting to be processed from April 2022 and while some have already received their rebate, it is likely going to take a while for everyone to receive their rebates.

If you do not pay by direct debit, then your local council will soon be contacting you to arrange a way of paying your rebate.

While you wait for your rebate or for contact from your local council, you do not need to do anything to apply for the council tax rebate. Claims for the rebate can be processed up until 30 September 2022 so you have a while to respond once you are contacted.

Do I have to repay the council tax rebate?

No, no one will have to repay the council tax rebate. There has been some confusion around this due to the government providing  200 off energy bills from October that will be repaid in coming years. However, this is totally separate to the council tax rebate which does not have to be repaid.

What if I am not eligible for the council tax rebate but still need financial support?

In addition to the rebate, the government have provided local councils with a discretionary fund to help struggling households. This is available to households regardless of council tax band.

Each council will publish its own guide on how to apply and eligibility criteria so it’s worth checking out your local council website to see if there is information available to you.

I am still struggling with the rising cost of living

From energy bills to food prices the cost of living is rising, putting additional financial strain on households across the UK. If you are worried about the cost of living our previous blog covers the different options available to you from government support to benefits.

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Alternatively, if you need more information on the council tax rebate, head to the government’s council tax factsheet.

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