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How to start a conversation about credit and debt

Talk Money Week 2022

The aim of Talk Money Week is to encourage us all to discuss our finances openly and in turn receive the support and advice we may need. However, we understand that opening up to the people around you can be daunting. Here are a few ways to start conversations about credit and debt.

Start a conversation with your partner

Credit issues can come up at any point within a relationship, however it is important to discuss your financial situation at the point where your finances may begin to intertwine, for example, paying bills jointly.

You can begin a conversation with your partner in many ways and this will differ from person to person. It could be in the form of a formal conversion, or casually bringing it up over tea. You understand your partner better than anyone, so if you know money is a topic they tend to avoid, try and keep the conversation light. Creating a monthly budget together is an easy way to keep finances on track and include each other in your monthly spending. Learn more about creating a budget here.

If you are hiding debt from a partner, or you think your partner is hiding debt from you, this can add strain to any relationship. Being in debt can be isolating and tackling it alone is intimidating. There is often a stigma surrounding those in debt, which can mean those who need help the most don’t seek it. If you can’t bring it up to your partner yet, why not get in touch with our experts to use our free debt advice tool. If you think your partner is hiding debt, see our guide on how to spot the signs of problem debt and support them in seeking debt advice.

Start a conversation with friends and family

Friends and family are often the people closest to us and have known us the longest. This makes it difficult to start conversations about credit and debt for fear of judgement. But, opening up to the people around you can bring in support but also allow you to support friends or family who may also have been struggling in silence.


Meeting up with friends can become costly and if you are already on a tight budget, saying no to plans is hard. Explain to your friends what you are saving for. They will understand where you are coming from and even support you in your savings.

Find cheap or free activities in your local area as a substitute. Instead of going out for a meal, why not suggest a home cooked meal instead? As the cost of living is impacting many households in the UK, you may find your friends support your money saving ideas and follow suit.


If you have sought credit options to help pay your bills and are unable to afford the repayment amount, you could have found yourself in debt.

Starting conversations with family members about financial support is difficult. Whether the focus is on your personal finances, or your family’s finances altogether (like rising household bills or a parents’ long-term care), it’s never easy to initiate a discussion.

You may feel a parent or guardian will feel let down or upset if you are struggling with debt however it is always better to bring up the topic rather than sweeping it under the rug. Ignoring any financial strains your family is feeling will, in turn, put a strain on your relationships.

If you find it hard to bring the conversation up about credit, try bringing up the topic gradually or asking them if they have ever had to deal with financial difficulties. Talk Money Week is a great reason to bring up the topic. You could also put their mind at ease by sharing your plan with them, for example getting free debt advice or budgeting.

Start a conversation with debt experts

If you are struggling with debt you are not alone. Our debt experts have helped over 28,000 people across the UK repay their debts. You can start a conversation about debt either online or on the phone. You can see all our contact information here.

If reaching out to our experts is not an option, we offer free, no-obligation debt advice on our website. Simply input your information and our tool will enable you to see the best debt solution for your unique situation.

Don’t have an account with us and are looking for debt advice?

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Angel Advance provides online debt advice to get you back on track and make your finances more manageable.

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