(Updated 27 July 2023)

New Year, new start to your finances

New year goals - tackle debts

The new year is notoriously a time when people like to start fresh and set themselves new year’s resolutions; join the gym, eat healthier or learn a new skill. They help to start the new year off with motivation. If your new year’s resolution is to take control of your debts, we can help!

Tackle Christmas debt

Christmas is known as being one of the most expensive seasons in the calendar. On average, Brits will spend £576. 1 in 3 will spend over £500, with 1 in 8 parting with over £1000. As the Cost of Living is also continuing to rise this year, many have turned to credit options to help fund the period. In fact, 63% of shoppers are relying on Buy Now Pay Later options to help pay for Christmas presents, food and decorations.

In the new year, these bills will begin to roll in. If you are already struggling with debt, the addition of these bills could make your debt unmanageable. In previous blogs, we have spoken in-depth about the dangers of BNPL, which include late payment fees or additional interest rates being added later down the line. Although many offer a 0% repayment charge, this can change quickly.

Free debt advice

Before signing up for a debt solution, you must have received debt advice first. Debt advice can help you work out which solution would be most suited for your current situation, and what will be most sustainable longer-term.

We offer free debt advice online with our tool. Simply input your current financial information and the amount you owe and let us do the rest. Once you know which debt solution is most suitable, you can choose to continue with Angel Advance or not. By no means are you obligated to pursue a debt solution with us.

The tool can ask for information regarding your bills, mortgage or rent amounts, finance agreements or other outgoings you have. It will also ask for any assets you own, the debt amount you owe to creditors and any income you receive. This information is held confidentially. It may require you to collect information or paperwork regarding your debts so it may be easier to collect all this first before beginning the process. However, if you need to leave the tool at any time to collect information, you can simply log back in at a later date.

Here to help

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 and 98% 5 star reviews, our debt advisors are here to help. To date, we have helped over 29,000 people begin repaying their debts, with over £93,000,000 debt repaid. Many people struggling with debt choose our team to help them as we can handle creditors on your behalf, minimising the stress and worry that can bring. As we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) you can also trust us to provide reliable and professional help with debt.

To begin your journey, access our debt advice tool here, or contact us to learn more.

Don’t have an account with us and are looking for debt advice?

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Angel Advance provides online debt advice to get you back on track and make your finances more manageable.

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