(Updated 31 October 2023)

What Support Is Available After Furlough?

support after furlough

If you’re concerned about the end of the job retention scheme and what help is available after furlough, you are certainly not alone. But there is help out there. From financial help and job seeking support to mental health support, there are many avenues you can take to get help in a post-furlough world.

Financial Support After Furlough

If you are made redundant after furlough ends, your first thought is likely to be your finances.

Firstly, if you are still receiving furlough payments can you start putting a small amount away from your final furlough wages? This way, if the worst should happen and you lose your job, you will have a small financial cushion and not be sprung straight into debt. From cutting down on little luxuries to selling unwanted household items online, it’s surprising the financial gains you can make through small steps.

If you are reading this after being made redundant and noticed your finances veering off track, then know that help is available. From benefits to the government’s debt respite scheme, Breathing Space, to debt solutions such as Debt Relief Orders, Debt Management Plans and IVAs, there is plenty of debt and financial support available to you. However, we know that all these options can be overwhelming. Our FREE, no obligation debt advice tool can guide you, step by step, through the solutions that are available to you, without you having to talk to anyone over the phone.

Alternatively, if you are unsure where to go for debt advice, you may find our recent blog useful.

Finding A Job After Furlough

With the British Chamber of Commerce citing that 1 in 5 employers will have to make people redundant once the furlough scheme ends, many are concerned about a spike in unemployment. Add to this that 12% plan to cancel or reduce recruitment plans, finding a job after furlough can feel like an impossible task.

However, there are multiple points of support to help you secure a job after furlough. The government have announced their ‘Plan For Jobs’; a scheme that is ‘focused on protecting, supporting and creating jobs across the country’. This initiative provides tailored support and advice based on your circumstances.

Likewise, the National Careers Service and Citizens Advice can provide useful, practical advice on searching for jobs, writing CVs, attending interviews and much more job-related support.

Mental Health Support After Furlough

Last, but certainly not least, is mental health support. Whether you are going back to work after such a long period on furlough, or have lost your job due to the pandemic, it’s safe to say that you’ll have your fair share of worry, stress, and anxiety as a result. No matter what your situation, it’s vital that you know there is support out there. The following organisations can provide anything from a listening ear to mental health services.

Whether it’s support with your finances, job hunting or mental health, there is plenty of support after furlough that is free and available UK wide. If you are in need of financial help following the end of the job retention scheme, speak to one of our debt advisors or use our free online debt advice tool today. Alternatively, if you have more questions following the end of the furlough scheme, read our blog which endeavours to answer your frequently asked questions.

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